Tuesday, March 19, 2013


We choose what to focus on. In life, in blogging -wait- blogging IS life. :)
But seriously, I could choose to focus on the things that aren't going so well in my life, but like a skilled photographer ( not yet one), I crop a little, shoot at angles, blur, brighten and remove red eye, and violá! Focus chosen. Is it a form of denial? No, but it is a surefire way to remain sane. Have you ever hung around an incessant whiner or pessimist? I have. And I hated every minute. So focus I must. Click, whir, crop- instagrammed happiness. I find it in everything, and anything, if I look hard enough.

So when I somehow ended up with a spontaneous burst blood vessel in my eye on Friday, I refocused and did my hair. The eye was something that would pass in two weeks and over which I had no control. Funny thing is, people noticed my hair and my smile before they noticed my blood shot eye.

Except of course, Principessa.

Principessa: You scary, mama. Your eye red.

Prada Principal: I know, baby.

Principessa: You chubby.

Um... Principessa - one, Prada - zero

I won't let her break me. Focused.


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rmj said...

Hahahahaha (@principessa)! Good word, pp, really good word.