Monday, October 8, 2012

How to throw a really good (and wild) party

I used to be a coordination fiend, a 'matchy matchy' kinda chick. You know, back when coordination and 'matchy matchiness' was still cool.
I'll give you an example- my pocket book had to match something I was wearing. I never mixed gold and silver jewelery, nor did I ever wear black and brown. Like ever.

And my kids birthday parties were all themed out. Sesame street this, that and the other. Sesame street all up in ya face, puking Elmo, total Ernie and Bert overload. The party stores and online stores these days are so good, that they just smother your creativity- all you have to do is walk into aisle 7 and viola, total Ben 10 party!  And then you have ''.  Guilty user here and I still love them.  Just not for EVERYTHING, EVERY year. Perfect for classroom birthday parties- just hand the box to the teacher, provide cake and pizza and dunzo. But when it's all in your hands and you don't want a cookie cutter party, here's what you do.

First, you have an adorable Principessa, who just happens to be obsessed with animals and the farm, and nature. ( Dunno where she gets that from).

  Invite family and a few of her like-minded buddies (so now you're committed, you gotta do something, right?

Locate the furthest, least convenient to you (or any of your guests for that matter), most rustic farm EVER. (Sorry guys.)

Make sure nothing matches.   Ofcourse.

Go Pumpkin picking


Have Pizza

Eat cake

Have a blast.

It's okay to theme out the goody bags.   Animals are adorable, no overload possible here.

Stickers, plates, lollipops, animal masks, all courtesy of oriental trading. Animal crackers from any grocery store. :)

Come home with the spoils of war - Pumpkins, corn and other vestiges of the great outdoors.  

Then on her 'real 'birthday, eat 'recycled' cake again. (Serve cupcakes at farm and bring real cake home. Works better that way.)

                                                               Dig in, Sista
Thank you friends and family. Principessa would have turned two regardless, but not like this. Not this fabulously.

                                                                          Hay ride. Best Ever.

So much fun. So much joy.

And no matchy matchy stuff either. :)

Happy birthday to my principessa, xoxo pp

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