Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Hello October!

So one of my cross word puzzle clues last week went something like this - three letter 'alternative to nothing'.  I mulled over it for a while before it hit me.  All.  So simple, yet deeply profound.  I had thought of every answer in the book, but just couldn't seem to come up with a three letter one.   Not enough letters, I kept thinking- need at least four.  Ha.  I was thinking big to get less than 'all'.  Isn't that what happens though? We are sitting down waiting for flashes of brilliance to do (whatever it is you want to do) and the brilliance is in the simplicity of the three letter word of all. #poetic waxings.

So, I'm adopting this as my October mantra.  All or nothing.  So what if September sucked has been less than stellar for me?  Does this mean I should accept less than all from October?  Nope.  I'll take my serving of 'all' this new month, pretty please.  Hold the 'nothing', thanks.  Let's go there, October, I'm totes ready.  Yes, I just said totes. :)

This little guy's got the right attitude.

And my Numero Uno October baby too

Yeah! Grimace or smile- same difference, sister is fierce! (October baby #2)

Besides, I have two October birthdays to plan, so no mucking about.

Last, but certainly not the least, Nigeria turned 52 yesterday.  Happy birthday, gorgeous!  Now go do something fabulous, y'all. :)

Zooming into October

bursting with optimism, pp


Anonymous said...

Happy bday to the October babies! And for me too, all or nothing this month. Prada keep more posts coming...

PradaPrincipal said...

Yeah, baby! Let's do this! thanks for stopping by.