Friday, March 19, 2010

Falling Apart In One Piece

First of all, OMG.

If you are married with the slightest inkling that there is an undercurrent of the slightest 'something is not quite right here', RUN and get this book!

If you are married, with full blown chaos in your home and you think you might be alone, GET THIS BOOK!

If you are married and blissfully happy and want to stay that way, you NEED this book!

If you are unmarried and think you might be getting married at some point to your 'best friend and all that', this book is a must-read.

My point is get this book. Read this book. We can all relate to this book. Married or unmarried. Happy or unhappy. Career mom or stay at home mom. Kids or no kids. Male or female.

If you have ever wondered why marriages don't work out sometimes even between two amazing people, then Stacy Morrison will help you 'get it'. And she does this in the most real, unpreachy, loving way. Without self-pity or cynicism, devoid of finger-pointing or martyrdom, she lets you have her answer (because in the end it is her story, and we each have our own) - which it sometimes it just does not.

And that beyond divorce, there is still life and raising a toddler son and work at the helm of Redbook (a magazine for strong, independent family women, who supposedly 'have it all', whatever that means). So yes, life doesn't just stop just because you got problems. Amen, sister.

What I like most about this book is that it neither glorifies divorce nor puts down marriage. It is just one woman's story to which we can all relate. And it does serve as a wake up call, even attractive, successful women can and do have marital woes. And sometimes there is no 'reason' for a spouses change of heart - no other woman, no financial pressure and not even having a beautiful kid together can save that. And as for couples that never bicker - bravo, but complacency can be a sign of some deeper issue. Or not. But you just never know.

Stacy Morrison's voice is imbued with grace and matter of factness, but I still choked up in certain parts at the honesty and simplicity of her story. Think 'Eat, Pray, Love' meets 'The Devil wears Prada'. You know I'm a fan for life now.

Brava, pp


Anonymous said...

Proud of you, girl! I'll be on a long-haul trip in early April, and I look forward to getting this book so I can have something GOOD to read on the plane. I look forward to seeing 'me' in 'her', and to coming to a fuller understanding of my own story. What a great review - Simon and Schuster, take note! Cheech

PradaPrincipal said...

Thanks, bee! It really is that great of a read and I know you will enjoy it!