Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Tea parties

It's not just for little girls. At least not at our house, since those -little girls, that is- seem to be in short supply. Dear Hubby took us for a lovely 'spot o' tea' at Tea on the Tiber in historic Ellicott City. It's so weird how when you live so close to something, you never really bother to check it out, you know? I was so glad we did go here though. They usually cater to the 7 years and older crowd, but Hubby convinced them to make an exception for Numero Uno son. Of course he proceeded to charm all the staff and behaved quite well, considering. Who says 'soaking up culture' always has to be about museums? I am a firm believer in allowing my kids to travel as I travel and experience what I experience, as long as it is not inappropriate.

It was actually quite charming - everything from the old mansion, our own personal space in the library, fine china place settings for all three of us, the petit fours, fruit, scones and clotted cream, incredibly tiny yet yummy crustless sandwiches, oolong pomegranate tea, chai cream tea, etc etc. We totally pigged out and still could not finish all three tiers. But we came close. And at $25 a person, it was a steal.

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