Thursday, November 6, 2008

One Bad Apple...

I really, really, really wanted to like - no, LOVE- the iPhone. Its sleek, dark multitasking good looks were just so...'pradalicious'. I stalked it for a long time, just waiting for the perfect time to make it mine. I even bypassed the first one, to give them ample time to work out the kinks, you know? When the 3G finally debuted, I waited a fashionable amount of time, read EVERY possible review and opinion out there, tried out a friend's own, did all the research one could possibly do, short of like being an intern at Apple.

So of course, mere hours into owning it, I finally admit to myself that I absolutely HATE it. I really, really do. I did not know that an inanimate object could send me into such paroxysms of frustration. And I'm usually a chill kinda girl. But everything irritates me about this phone. The 'touch type thingy'. The fact that you cannot copy and paste - I know, right? The gratuitous smudging. The fact that my 'settings' icon needs to be thumped to work. The fact that putting it to my ear results in random conference calls to myself. The fact that the folks at ATT could not figure out how to sync my email to my phone was the last straw. Did I mention the 'touch type thingy'?. Ugghhh.

So come tomorrow, I shall be a Black Berry girl. Yep, the BB i so resisted for years will now be my phone of choice. My 'anti BB' stance was pure rebellion (against the BB toting, bluetooth earpiece wearing culture in DC) culture. but I am over it and firmly ensconsed in the BB program. Woot. Woot.

ttyl (not) apple, pp


The Diva said...

So now that the sleek and sexy Blackberry Storm is out what are you gonna do? I know, it's always something right?

PradaPrincipal said...

Good thing, I still cannot stand the touch screen - 'click simulation' or not. Besides Verizon sux. :-)