Monday, September 29, 2008

I could so be Rachel Zoe...

I mean, like totally. Just a browner, heavier, less fabulous version. But I would kill to shop for people and style people and let them know what worked for them or what would revamp their whole look. I would do it for free- that's how much I love doing it. And to get to sit through tons of fashion shows during fashion week, front row, nonetheless? Are you kidding me? Sign me up! Of course I would share the same challenges of wanting to keep most of my merchandise for myself, but what true fashionista wouldn't? Maybe I could be the cheaper, everyday stylist to the average woman who doesn't have the a) time, b) inclination, or who just needs that extra set of eyes and expertise for that special occasion {we all have those}. Would you hire me? :)

This is just business venture number 111000220034400000...
Dial-a-style*, pp
* Don't steal this - it's patent pending!! :(
** Check out the Rachel Zoe project on Bravo every Tuesday night. You'll just die.

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