Monday, August 18, 2008

Missing: Mojo

I have been going through a hellish couple of weeks at work. Nothing major, just work. Plus deadlines. Add overtime and two young kids and viola!, you have - no blogging. I mean, I barely have time to brush my hair, with my 50 hour work week plus commute, totalling at least 70 hours, and then I have to be wife and mother too? Come on! My face has is not liking this new frenetic pace and neither is my stomach. I have worse acne than my teenage me did and we are talking three to four HUGE Painful zits, that keep reoccurring in the same spots. Hello dark spots. My IBS (irritable bowel syndrome, for those of you lucky enough not to be the know,) is in full throttle. I am bloated, gassy, miserable. Tres sexy, non? My husband, needless to say is thrilled. But I am determined to get my Mojo back. Just as soon as I get my Mojo back... Sigh,

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inyte said...

kpele u sound really stresed i thot u were working from home,take am easy cant be easy sorry love the lord is ure strength