Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Enter the CopyWriter...

It's been a while. And I have missed you all and missed this. I truly love to write, (even when there is nothing really, to write about) and so I will write even if just the one person reads my blog. Will write for cookies, will write for free.

Enter my latest 'business venture'. I am all about making what you love doing work for you. I love to write and I am good at it - modesty would be counterproductive in this industry, so bear with me- this is why I am starting a 'copy' business. I will write website and advertising copy, come up with slogans, by lines and catchy business names, for a fee. I know a friend who thinks it's a ridiculous idea, but again, when you google it - a number of people are doing it, even under the names I was considering, so maybe not so ridiculous, huh?

I'm not quitting my day job or anything, just doing what I know and more importantly, what I love to do for people, who maybe don't love it as much. Is that so wrong? More on this later..

brimming with biz, pp

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