Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines day

I used to consider myself a romantic.  Maybe because I love certain things that are considered 'romantic'.  Older and wiser now, I have realized that I just enjoy being treated well.  Other than that, I am not particularly romantic.  Not celebrating valentine's day is not grounds for divorce at our house.  Most times, a card and simple 'Happy valentine's day' will suffice.  I often forget our anniversary, and am reminded by my dear hubby.   I don't expect (or want) flowers. Or chocolates. Since I kill every plant I've ever been given, and I am more of a chips and salsa girl- no sweet tooth here, sorry.

But treat me well.  And let me never have to guess how you feel about me.  I am not coy.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. I have a terrible poker face.  I suck at 'game playing' and giving people the 'silent treatment'.  I generally like people, unless you give me a reason not to, then, it's on. :)  

On one of my favorite shows on television right now (Scandal), the heroine  Olivia Pope, described the kind of love she craved.  I am paraphrasing here, so bear with me: "Painful, tortured, complicated, hurtful, love."  To which her ex-boyfriend responded , "Love isn't supposed to hurt."  Atta boy.  I have always maintained that while I might not know what love is, I do know what it is NOT supposed to feel like.  You can keep your painful, mixed signal, up and down love.  I'll take passion, but this girl is too old not to know where she stands with the one she's in love with.  This woman knows that love should make you happy. 
In the interest of full  disclosure though, I must let you know that I do enjoy and understand a good love triangle, and all the complexities.  When I am writing about it, though.  Not in my personal life.  Or reading about it. (Cue Chris/Rihanna/Karruche saga).

And so below, a random assortment of things that made me happy yesterday, and in the days prior.

Go find your happy, uncomplicated love. Now shoo. Pp :)

My colleague's dunkin donut - she let me photograph it.  I know weird- but instagram makes me happy.
Patent leather red pumps and plaid outfit of the day. Red makes me happy. Dressing up does too. :)

Well, you already know this one.  'Happy love' though.

The Principessa makes me 'Laugh Out Loud' happy. Always.

God's love makes me happy and awed all at the same time.

Pizza made with the kids in a heart shape? Do you really have to ask, people? Trader Joes makes me cheese!
Arts and Crafts makes me happy.  Creating in general makes me happy.

He makes me happy.  Adult time is always a bonus.

Cookie from a co-worker.  Random niceties make me melt. :)

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