Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hard Times

There is so much I don't have to have anymore. With the recession, I am sure I'm not alone in this. The obligatory designer 'it bag' - at least two a year (for my birthday and Christmas) - eh. My husband is off the hook, and frankly, I'd rather have the cold hard cash. These Tory Burch boots would SO have been in my closet by now, justified by my 'fashion rationale' - "i'll have it forever.', 'why else do I work so hard?'. Er... to pay bills. Basic bills. Like cable, gas and BGE. Mmm hmm. For my boys - cause, they stay fly - recession or no recession. But I do wait for sales though, even for them. And I obsessively utilize the free returns for my online shopping expeditions. And Marshalls is my friend - especially for pajamas, singlets and winter coats for the kids, sweaters and the like for yours truly. Don't get me wrong, I'm no 'frumpy Molly' (no offence to Molly's across America.) but I rethink decisions. Alot. Like this adorable melton coat by Laundry. And this camel coat by Via Spiga. Cocktail dresses by Vera Wang, BCBG, etc. How often do I go anywhere at night, anyway? Exactly. And when I do, I am not hurting for stuff to wear. Hardly. Like a birthday party I will be attending this weekend. It's this outfit for me, a Calista Clothiers creation- accessorized with a red croc belt and some killer platforms and I'm all set. So I am all 'growed' up and so not superficial. But still fab. :)
for richer, for poorer, pp

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